Dec 12
Nice clouds!!!

nice clouds pattern!!!!!


Dec 12
Art Basel 2014, Wynwood Photos


Oct 04
Electric car Charging Station

More and more charging station are coming in-line as the need for them rises.  Let's ahope this pattern continues as the electric vehicles become more popular and affordable.
Location : Autonation nissan Pembroke Pines, Florida


Sep 19
Optical illussion??

there is come the rain!!!! ​What happened to the rest of the ship???

PhotoGrid_1411159058910-half ship.jpg

Sep 17
What a bad job!!!

20140820_211500 (640x360).jpg

Sep 17
what is wrong with this picture?

Why detectable warning on one side only?? 

Sep 17
art work at Miami's design district

Nice Art display @ Miami Art District20140827_200313-swk-art.jpg

Aug 02
Fashion statement..Lol

​Great to see reuse in practice.. Water Reuse..​Purple-hydrant.jpgc

Aug 02
One man's trash is another man's treasure.

​You never know what you can find out in the garbage...LoL2014-08-02-parking-dumpster2.jpg

Jul 25
For real!!! you did not see the parking markings!!!

​Great parking job!!!!!! what is the driver's excuse... the pavement markings are faded!!!!!!!!!!20140722_165820-1[1].jpg

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